Thursday, December 23, 2010

Feeling Adventurous

If I ever feel adventurous enough, I will tell him. I will tell him that I like him- not as a friend only, but as more than friends. But not now, because I am not feeling anywhere near adventurous. In fact I am tired, a bit like a deflated balloon. 

The Christmas season is definitely joyous yet it is also stressful. All the gifts and food that needs to be prepared. And prepared in the particularly Christmas-y way too. But I guess you only get to spend Christmas once every year. Nonetheless, I've become quite a cynic about Christmas and find all this festivity just... boring and plain. It's not really worth the celebration. People celebrate for the sake of celebrating. But for people like me with no religious tendencies, Christmas just seems like any other day. Oh well, maybe I'm just tired from baking too many cookies last night. If anything, Christmas has forced me to bake more which is one of my goals for the coming year. To become better friends with my oven. And to become more patient. 

Yes- so I guess I need to thank Christmas after all.

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